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Danish wildflowers
1 March 2018

Thumbnail image

In the cemetery
28 February 2018

Thumbnail image

The path to Rabanal
22 February 2018

Thumbnail image

Decorative ceiling
21 February 2018

Thumbnail image

A gaggle of gulls
18 February 2018

Thumbnail image

Scottish parking lot
16 February 2018

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proudly Made in Denmark
4 February 2018

Thumbnail image

It's not a race!
2 February 2018

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The sun sets on Glasgow
31 January 2018

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More wall art
13 January 2018

Thumbnail image

Wall art
6 January 2018

Thumbnail image

Fast-paced game
5 January 2018

Thumbnail image

End of the search
12 December 2017

Thumbnail image

11 December 2017

Thumbnail image

Coffee time
9 December 2017

Thumbnail image

Rusty door
2 December 2017

Thumbnail image

Spider art
24 November 2017

Thumbnail image

Pandora Woodstove
6 June 2017

Thumbnail image

Surf's up!
18 February 2017

Thumbnail image

A tie that binds
17 August 2016

Thumbnail image

Exploring spring
21 May 2015

Recent Comments

Jean-Luc.M on It's Spring in Quebec!!
Bientôt le printemps, mais pas encore l'heure pour les amoureux d'aller se bécoter sur les bancs ...

WENDY on Danish wildflowers
I see a lot of heart shaped poppies. How delightful!

MAU on In the cemetery
Gorgeous light and color.

Existence Artistique on In the cemetery

Dimitrios on In the cemetery
so beautiful, so well framed.....

Michael Skorulski on In the cemetery
Such vibrant color.

Existence Artistique on Decorative ceiling

Ronnie 2¢ on Decorative ceiling
Like being under an umbrella !

Michael Skorulski on Decorative ceiling
This is lovely.

Existence Artistique on The North Sea

Michael Skorulski on The North Sea
I like that wonderful shimmering light.

Le Krop on Window reflections
Belle recherche ; belle image !

Blikvanger on Window reflections
Great shot!

Existence Artistique on Window reflections
oh génial

Ronnie 2¢ on Window reflections
Very effective - you saw the potential well here.

Existence Artistique on Signs of conflict
bien cette tour

Darkelf Photography on Patchwork fields
Wonderful field patterns that make for an interesting mosaic.

MAU on Patchwork fields
Magnifica fotografía.

Dimitrios on Patchwork fields
impressive frame

Existence Artistique on Patchwork fields
oh beau

beach on Patchwork fields
Love the patterns. Reminds me of home, the prairies of Saskatchewan (although they are a bit flatter in most places)

rbassin on Patchwork fields
Magnifique, bon graphisme.

Becky on Follow the light
simply beautiful.... a bit wonderfully moody

Existence Artistique on Follow the light

Wendy Weinberg on Wild and cultivated
love the shallow depth of field. nice juxtaposition of wild and cultivated.

beach on The world in a field
That took a lot of effort to do that.

Existence Artistique on The world in a field

Existence Artistique on Glasgow
oh génial

beach on Glasgow
Windows and lines. I like how the modern buildings with their new style windows contrast with these older buildings. ...

Michael Skorulski on Glasgow
The detail is wonderful.

Peter on View from Croy Hill, Scotland
I like your comment about the Romans, it enhances the image. ;)

Existence Artistique on View from Croy Hill, Scotland
belle vue

beach on View from Croy Hill, Scotland
Beautiful shot. If the Romans would have seen this, they might not have put up Hadrian's Wall to keep the horde ...

beach on Bubbles in a drainage ditch
That's really cool, Mary.

Existence Artistique on Bubbles in a drainage ditch

omid on Bubbles in a drainage ditch
E X C E L L E N T !

Existence Artistique on proudly Made in Denmark
bien made

Existence Artistique on Before the storm

Existence Artistique on It's not a race!
oh un duo original

beach on It's not a race!
Running away from the French chefs, with the penchant for escargot!

beach on Sunrise on the Camino Frances
Nicely lit.

Dimitrios on Sunrise on the Camino Frances
very good

Gérard on Sunrise on the Camino Frances
Superb !

omid on The sun sets on Glasgow
such beautiful composition, clouds, colors & lights! Amazing silhouettes !!!

Olivier on Crazy sunset
L'enfer..est pavé de bonnes intentions...

Existence Artistique on The sun sets on Glasgow
belle lumière

beach on The sun sets on Glasgow
Great silhouette.

Anna Cherer on The sun sets on Glasgow
Beautiful silhouettes of the city in backlight ! well framed !

Existence Artistique on The Duke of Wellington

Dimitrios on The Duke of Wellington
hahahaha, a nation that LOVES FUN

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