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Scottish door
End of the search
Aalborg Musikkens Hus
Coffee time
Sunrise in Redecilla, Spain
Bridge ornamentation
Birds of a different feather float together
Rocks and leaves
Number 19
Roadside Eggstand
Rusty door
Rock wall with new ferns
Heron on the Hærvejen
Who has the key???
Lilly pads
Spider art
Northern Danish landscape
Green leaf
Leaf and trunk
Stump full of leaves
Fall forest
After the rain
Wonky world
Sunny Underpass
The Iron Bridge
Decision point
Reflection on a rock
Roman Road
Roof tiles
The bench
Field patterns
Biding her time
Sheets and towels
Skagen sunset
Sand, sun, and light
Skagen, Denmark
Fredrickshavn, Denmark