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Decorative ceiling
The North Sea
Window reflections
A gaggle of gulls
Frosty leaf
Scottish parking lot
Signs of conflict
Happy Valentine's Day!
Winter Lakescape
Patchwork fields
Follow the light
Wild and cultivated
The world in a field
View from Croy Hill, Scotland
Bubbles in a drainage ditch
proudly Made in Denmark
Before the storm
It's not a race!
Sunrise on the Camino Frances
The sun sets on Glasgow
The Duke of Wellington
People...and the occasional seagull.
The Mitchell Library
Orderly forest
Rainy day camera play
The tree that wanted to dance
New reflecting old
Late afternoon shadows
View from medieval hilltop town
Wall art
Fast paced game
The Falkirk Wheel
Lego construction
Happy New Year!
Frosted tree
Waterloo Park
Frosty mornng
Frosty fence